About Steamscapes

Steamscapes is a new game setting for Savage Worlds. It is a realistic alternative historical approach to steampunk. As such, it contains many of the things you would expect in a steampunk setting - airships, automatons, electricity gone wild - but places them in a real-world context. The world of Steamscapes is recognizable but changed. You will find many familiar faces and places, but their roles are not always what you expect.

Steamscapes on One Shot (Part 2)

Last time I mentioned that I had the privilege to record a Steamscapes actual play with the One Shot Podcast. The second and third episodes of that are now available, so it's time for a couple more character studies! I should note that there are some definite spoilers involved in the character descriptions here, so you may want to wait until after you've listened to all the episodes before you read the details below.



Steamscapes on One Shot (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to record a session of Steamscapes for the One Shot Podcast. The first episode is now up, and I thought I would post some accompanying game information for those who might be interested in some of the character details. Attentive Savage Worlds players will note that the stats are a bit past starting characters, and that is true. All of the characters started with 25xp (the second Seasoned Advance) so that the players had a few more tools to work with. In particular I was trying to show off some of the martial arts rules in Steamscapes: Asia, so the characters needed to be a little more experienced.

The spoilers this time around are mild, so it's okay to see them before you listen to the episode. However, I will wait a bit on Part 2 because there are slightly stronger spoilers in the other character backgrounds.



What's Next for Steamscapes

The last couple of weeks at Four-in-Hand Games have been filled with news of Rockalypse, our first non-Savage Worlds product. But that doesn't mean we're done with Steamscapes! We're continuing to work on our historical steampunk world even as we develop other things. Let's talk a little bit about what's next for Steamscapes.


Steamscapes: Asia in Print

Kickstarter backers have it, now it's time for you to get it!


Steampunk and Star Wars

Sorry everyone, but I couldn't resist. As I was waiting for The Force Awakens yesterday, I started thinking about the connections that Star Wars has to steampunk. I'm not talking about mashups, although those are always fun. I'm talking about the common heritage that these two aspects of pop culture share.

Back From Rusty Gear Gulch

Although I will talk more about Steamscapes: Asia in the near future, right now it is appropriate for me to pause and return to North America. I have just come back from Teslacon, where this year's theme was The Wild Wild West. The most impressive thing about the convention for me was level of costuming - nearly 100% of attendees were in costume at all times, many of them quite impressive. We also were treated to excellent music from various DJs and performers, some amazing aerials by Cycropia, and these delicious sarsaparilla chocolate stars by Sweet Steam...




Dev Notes 23 - Is Steamscapes: Asia for You?

Last year I wrote several Developer Notes in response to concerns that people had regarding whether we even should make a book set in Asia. Since rather a lot of time has passed (and we've finished our book), I think it should now be okay to share a general reaction that I had kept to myself at the time. You see, a few people claimed that gamers WANT stereotypes, and that they won't buy a game that doesn't cater to existing assumptions - and those are the people I am specifically not writing for.

Sing it, Eddie


Dev Notes 22 - Small Joys

Among the teasers for Steamscapes: Asia, I included a brief discussion about a specific historical easter egg in the book that I wanted to call to everyone's attention. Now that the book is out, I thought I would go through some of the other little things we've managed to get into the book that make me happy.


New Products and Pricing Updates

Steamscapes: Asia is now available for purchase!

Buy it now from DriveThruRPG


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