About Steamscapes

Steamscapes is a new game setting for Savage Worlds. It is a realistic alternative historical approach to steampunk. As such, it contains many of the things you would expect in a steampunk setting - airships, automatons, electricity gone wild - but places them in a real-world context. The world of Steamscapes is recognizable but changed. You will find many familiar faces and places, but their roles are not always what you expect.

Looking Forward for Steamscapes

It has been a while since our last update. This summer we released the Gearsmith's Guide, and since then Four-in-Hand Games has been focusing mostly on Rockalypse, our new Fate Core game. The Kickstarter for Rockalypse was very successful, and the bulk of the work on that book will be coming to a close in just a few weeks. And so we can think once more about Steamscapes.

Steamscapes: Gearsmith's Guide Now Available!

We are happy to announce the release of our latest profession supplement, the Gearsmith's Guide!


Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #3 - Automaton Options

 We've spent a fair amount of time discussing automatons in previous Steamscapes volumes. However, there is still quite a bit more to say, and the Gearsmith's Guide is the best place to say it. As much as this profession guide is an overview of how one becomes a gearsmith and what it's like to be a gearsmith in the world of Steamscapes, it is also a discussion of the history, mechanics, and philosophical quandaries of automatons.

Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #2 - The Dollmaker's Daughter

Although this is sometimes a contentious opinion, we believe fiction to be an important tool for framing a game world. Much of the background of Steamscapes is designed to leave the current state of the world less clearly defined than the history that has brought that state into being. This is largely so that players and gamemasters have the flexibility to create a wide variety of stories without having to worry about what may be "canon." So the places of the world tend to be presented in broad strokes rather than meticulous detail. However, fiction offers an opportunity to zoom in much closer and see how the world is experienced by its inhabitants while still avoiding a prescriptive approach to setting.

Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #1 - Clockwork Prosthetics

Announcing our next book, the Gearsmith's Guide!

Just like the Gunslinger's Guide, this will be a PDF-only release that focuses on a single profession. It will offer new rules specific to gearsmiths, a new short story, and a pile of historical and world background to incorporate into your character development. The book will be posted on DriveThruRPG and Studio 2 before the end of July, just in time for Gen Con! (Ask me for a look at the whole thing if you catch me there.)

Steamscapes on One Shot (Part 2)

Last time I mentioned that I had the privilege to record a Steamscapes actual play with the One Shot Podcast. The second and third episodes of that are now available, so it's time for a couple more character studies! I should note that there are some definite spoilers involved in the character descriptions here, so you may want to wait until after you've listened to all the episodes before you read the details below.



Steamscapes on One Shot (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to record a session of Steamscapes for the One Shot Podcast. The first episode is now up, and I thought I would post some accompanying game information for those who might be interested in some of the character details. Attentive Savage Worlds players will note that the stats are a bit past starting characters, and that is true. All of the characters started with 25xp (the second Seasoned Advance) so that the players had a few more tools to work with. In particular I was trying to show off some of the martial arts rules in Steamscapes: Asia, so the characters needed to be a little more experienced.

The spoilers this time around are mild, so it's okay to see them before you listen to the episode. However, I will wait a bit on Part 2 because there are slightly stronger spoilers in the other character backgrounds.



What's Next for Steamscapes

The last couple of weeks at Four-in-Hand Games have been filled with news of Rockalypse, our first non-Savage Worlds product. But that doesn't mean we're done with Steamscapes! We're continuing to work on our historical steampunk world even as we develop other things. Let's talk a little bit about what's next for Steamscapes.


Steamscapes: Asia in Print

Kickstarter backers have it, now it's time for you to get it!



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