Adventuring Across Asia - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #7

Compared to other Savage Worlds products, Steamscapes takes more of a "sourcebook" approach than a plot point approach. But that doesn't mean we leave you without any adventure ideas! If you need help getting started, we have got you covered.

Steamscapes: Asia includes three sample scenarios, two of which are intended as single-session adventures, and the third of which is designed as a larger scale conflict using the mass battle rules from the Savage Worlds core book. This third scenario can be used as a stand-alone game or as the turns inbetween regular sessions of a military roleplaying campaign. The first scenario, "Way to Mandalay," is written by Anne Toole. Here's a sample:

The ship stutters and stops, then jerks forward. The Captain informs everyone that they will stop in Bagan to check the ship. He’s worried that the river is too low to continue the journey to Mandalay. If so, they will have to return to Rangoon. In the meantime, he asks you to escort Mokkha around the village to keep an eye on him. If Mokkha has been confined to quarters, he petitions to disembark, which the captain grants only if the party agrees to escort him.


Mokkha is desperate to prevent the shipment’s return to Rangoon, where he fears the British will search it. Burma doesn’t want to start a war; they want to prevent it. He wants only to protect the Burmese people, like the ones playing the game, and if the British find the automaton, they may cancel the peace treaty and the region could be plunged into war. He asks the party to get the shipment off the ship, and help him get it to Mandalay. The conversation is cut short by gunfire and yelling from the direction of the ship.

Bandits are attacking the ship from the shore, hidden among the trees. Their aim focuses on vital locations on the boat, such as the engine. The Captain and crew are attempting to fire back, but are having trouble seeing through the foliage. When the group arrives, the Captain yells that the dacoits want the ship, and they’ll let their passengers live. Mokkha turns to the party and says the attack provides the perfect opportunity to unload the ship in secret. If they wait until the bandits are defeated, they may have to fight the captain for the goods.


In addition to the short adventures included in the main book, Sean Bircher wrote a multi-part adventure set in Japan as a bonus for our Kickstarter backers. That adventure has been reformatted and reworked and is now available for purchase at both Studio 2 and DriveThruRPG. It even includes some of the new rules from Steamscapes: Asia. Check it out now while you wait for the main book!