New Products and Pricing Updates

Steamscapes: Asia is now available for purchase!

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But that's not all!

Steamscapes: Asia includes two introductory adventures and a mass-battle scenario to get you started playing in the Steamscapes world. But what if you want something longer? Then you should also check out Strider, Sean Bircher's multi-part adventure set in Japan:

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If you are new to the Steamscapes setting, you may also want to add Steamscapes: North America to your library. It contains many rules that you might want to use for your Savage Worlds steampunk campaign. And the good news is that the price is being permanently reduced! Starting today, Steamscapes: North America will be $9.99 in PDF form, a $5 reduction off of the original price. This reduction also makes the PDF free with a print purchase, but only through Studio 2. For those of you who are savvy DriveThruRPG customers, this does indeed mean that prices will be EVEN FURTHER reduced during sales, so keep an eye out for those. (Note that Steamscapes: Asia will be excluded from the first few upcoming DTRPG sales.)

You know what to do, right?


We are very proud of all the work that everyone has put into these products, and we hope you enjoy them!

-Fairman Rogers