Steamscapes: Asia in Print

Kickstarter backers have it, now it's time for you to get it!

The hardcover, full-color print version of Steamscapes: Asia is now available for direct purchase at Studio 2 Publishing. If you buy it from our publisher, you also get a free copy of the PDF (to share if you already have one). As with North America, this will be the only way to get the PDF free with print purchase, so pick it up through Studio 2 if you want both!

Distributors also now have access to the print version, and it should start making its way to stores in the next couple of weeks. If you want to support your friendly local game store (and you should), talk to them about ordering your copy now!


Also, James Ng has graciously provided a phone-shaped version of the cover art to use as your background and lock screen. Update your phone and let everyone know about Steamscapes: Asia!