Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #3 - Automaton Options

 We've spent a fair amount of time discussing automatons in previous Steamscapes volumes. However, there is still quite a bit more to say, and the Gearsmith's Guide is the best place to say it. As much as this profession guide is an overview of how one becomes a gearsmith and what it's like to be a gearsmith in the world of Steamscapes, it is also a discussion of the history, mechanics, and philosophical quandaries of automatons.

In terms of rules, the Gearsmith's Guide is intended to provide even more options to the gearsmith for constructing all kinds of automated devices. This includes Edges for additional automaton companions, rules for handling automatons that are not full companions, templates for constructing several varieties of non-humanoid automatons, and a discussion of thinking devices such as self-propelled trunks. There is even an alternate advancement path for gearsmiths specifically designed for games with fewer players, for whom the usual gearsmith Edge tree may be too restrictive.

There are too many rules to preview them all, but we can offer you this look at a cat automaton, illustrated once again by Quinn Burrell:



The Gearsmith's Guide will be released late next week. In the meantime, please make sure to check out all our Steamscapes PDFs, on sale as part of DriveThruRPG's Christmas in July!