Looking Forward for Steamscapes

It has been a while since our last update. This summer we released the Gearsmith's Guide, and since then Four-in-Hand Games has been focusing mostly on Rockalypse, our new Fate Core game. The Kickstarter for Rockalypse was very successful, and the bulk of the work on that book will be coming to a close in just a few weeks. And so we can think once more about Steamscapes.

At this point in the Steamscapes product line, we are working on growing our community gradually. The Kickstarter for Steamscapes: Asia was successful, but we can do better. That means continuing to raise awareness through personal engagement (stores and conventions) and developing additional smaller projects before we are ready for our next big project.

With that in mind, we can say that our next release will be the Aviator's Guide. Our last profession guide did contain a number of new rules, but overall it was focused a little bit more on world-building and flavor. We'd like to balance that with a more technical guide. The aviator's guide will contain a great deal of information about travel in general and air travel specifically. Up until now, we've intentionally kept the nature of airships in Steamscapes a little bit loose (with a few notable exceptions), but this guide will provide a more concrete look at the type of ships we envision in our world. As always, the profession guides should be considered non-essential supplementary material, so you are welcome to continue with whatever style of air travel suits your fancy.

We will be releasing at least one more profession guide in 2017, most likely the Saboteur's Guide. Stealth roleplaying can be somewhat challenging in Savage Worlds, and we'd like to try our hand at addressing it. If possible, we would also like to start work on the digital Steamscapes Player's Guide, a rules-only PDF that you purchase once and get updates as more rules are released. We should know more about the timing for that by early spring.

Then, by the end of next year, we hope to have a writing and funding plan in place for Steamscapes: South America. That will be our next major setting book, and we look forward to talking about it!

-Fairman Rogers