Teaser 3 - Weapon Traits

Steamscapes introduces a number of new mechanics for weapons. Some of these are specific to professions - Gunslingers, for example, often use heavily customized weapons that require constant maintenance and preparation to prevent their failure on the battlefield. Some of them are more generic and may apply to more common weapons. As you can see, however, these traits may prevent such weapons from being used too commonly.

Here are three of the new weapon traits added in Steamscapes: North America:

Massive Recoil

Weapons with massive recoil are denoted by (MR) next to their minimum strength rating. Firing such a weapon automatically damages any shooter with less than the minimum strength. Apply the Shaken condition immediately after firing. No attempt to recover from Shaken may be made until the following round.

Minimum Agility

Some weapons are more complicated than just the standard "point-and-shoot" paradigm. They may have a variety of switches for different settings, or require a specific loading sequence, or simply have a firing mechanism that tends to jam. Such weapons are designated by (MinAg) followed by the appropriate die type in the Notes. A weapon used by someone with less than the required agility is reduced to a Rate of Fire of 1, and requires a full action to reload.

Misfire Penalty

Some weapons are unstable and have a higher tendency to backfire on the shooter. Weapons with the Misfire trait can jam or backfire and potentially damage the shooter. When a 1 is rolled on the Shooting die (not the Wild Die), the gun misfires. Roll the weapon's full damage dice and apply half the result (rounded up) to the shooter instead of the intended target. (The intended target receives none.)  Note that this can be avoided by the use of a Benny to reroll the 1.