Teaser 4 - The Aviator

What would a steampunk setting be without airships? This teaser brings an introduction to another important Profession in the world of Steamscapes: the Aviator. 

From the book:

Other than a few eccentric hobbyists, Aviators are generally trained by military academies. It is a young profession, even for military technology, so there is no such thing as a "veteran" Aviator. The oldest have been flying no more than seven or eight years, and it is more common in the ACU to find Aviators with less than a year of actual flight experience.

In the Steamscapes setting, some basic Savage Worlds skills are restricted by Profession. If you want to take the Piloting skill, you must first have the Aviator Profession. In addition, Aviators are given Aeronautical Navigation, a new skill that is essential for finding your way through the wide open skies of North America.