Teaser 5 - History of the Plains Tribal Federation

This teaser provides a sample of what is the largest portion of the Steamscapes: North America book: the alternative history. Most alternative historical fiction begins with a single premise that can normally be summarized by the question, "What would happen if...?"  The rest of the setting and its key events are then extrapolated as cascading effects of that initial change. Our key changes happen beginning in 1773, and we describe in detail all of the events that result over the next century. We focus on four nations - the American Consolidated Union, the Confederation of Texas, the Plains Tribal Federation, and the Rocky Mountain Republic. We also briefly cover the other major North American territories.

This sample is from the last section of the history of the Plains Tribal Federation.


Part 7 – A Greater Federation

Red Cloud returned from Paris in 1862 with a treaty agreeing to all requested terms. The great council would be granted all remaining French territory in Louisiana and in return would grant France certain exclusive trading rights. The Plains Tribal Federation was established on December 26th, 1862 with Sitting Bull as its first Great Chief.

Soon afterwards, the Federation learned of the technological horrors that the British had brought into the war. Many tribes had long resigned themselves to joining in the proliferation of firearms, but automatons were something entirely different. They were abominations—soulless metal men made to be slaves to war. It was actually Sitting Bull's daughter Many Horses who suggested the solution of creating a women's regiment of saboteurs to dismantle the British war machines. The Lakota had traditionally held women equal to men in many respects, so the Great Chief encouraged his daughter's ideas.


We will have more history teasers in the coming weeks. For now, we hope that you can see hints of how we have transformed the North American continent for our setting. Also, many of our dates were chosen intentionally to honor real historical events that are being replaced by our alternative history. We will leave it up to you to do a quick search for the date we've chosen as the founding of the PTF.