Teaser 6 - The Saboteur

The Steamscapes world is not a harmonious one. The technological advances that are praised by one nation may be spurned or even attacked by another. This teaser introduces the Saboteur, a Profession dedicated to the dismantling and destruction of all machines.

From the book:

Not everyone is enamored with the new mechanized age. Certainly there are many in high society who find modern gadgetry to be vulgar and uncouth. Saboteurs, however, go much further. They try to fight technology, to bring about its downfall, and they have learned special skills to help them speed this along. Saboteurs in North America tend to fall into one of two categories – Indians and social idealists. The former gather on the Plains to take part in the strongest naturalist government on the continent, while the latter tend to remain in cities (where their social power is greater), reading Thoreau and Whitman and occasionally plotting minor symbolic actions against factories and other industrial targets.

Upon taking the Saboteur Profession, the character receives one point in the Sabotage skill, which is used to locate and exploit weaknesses in machines and devices of all kinds.