Teaser 7 - Clockwork Pigeon

Of course a proper steampunk world must be filled with gadgets and devices. Of all the uses that a semi-intelligent construct might have, the one we imagine would be most prevalent in Victorian society would be that of carrying messages. Getting information quickly from one place to another within a city was still a tedious business in the 1870s, so we introduce the clockwork pigeon. 

Clockwork Pigeon

The term "clockwork pigeon" is actually a catch-all for any small, usually animal-shaped automaton designed to perform simple tasks. The most common are designed by Gearsmiths to carry mail over short distances or even to speak messages directly (if they are equipped with a phonographaton). The majority of them are restricted to land travel, as only the most skilled Gearsmiths have succeeded in mechanizing winged flight on even a small scale. Cat and dog forms are common for the flightless variety.