Teaser 8 - The Spark Wrangler

When science is ever-present and steampower and clockwork can be found around every corner, there has to be some area of practice considered too dangerous for common scholarship. In the Steamscapes world, that field is electricity. Although it powers all automatons human-sized or smaller, electricity is still thought by many to be wild and untamed. This impression is fostered by the eccentric individuals who are its most public users: the Spark Wranglers.

From the book:

Little is known about the full power or potential of electricity, but Spark Wranglers have a strong urge to experiment. Public electrification is a plan but not yet a reality, so Wranglers typically carry a number of condensors (early capacitors) to power their devices. Spark Wranglers are feared by most of the populace, largely because few people – including the Wranglers themselves – truly understand the dangers of electricity.