Teaser 9 - Spark Wrangler Edge Tree

Three of the new Professions in Steamscapes: North America have advancement paths built into the Profession itself. There is still a great deal of flexibility in how players may prioritize their characters' progressions, but these new Edge Trees offer a way to think about advancement as a slow build over time rather than a simple question of what to buy next. This teaser examines the Spark Wrangler Edge Tree.

For the Spark Wrangler, combat is focused on the use of the spark wand, an electrical device that is manipulated through the use of the Wrangler's unique skill, Electromagnetism. This skill is used as a ranged combat skill to apply the two basic uses of the wand: Static Discharge (a basic damaging attack) and Electromagnetic Induction (an attack specific to automatons that can force them to shut down). The Edge Tree then modifies how the Spark Wrangler can apply these attacks. The first path, for instance, gradually adds options to attack farther and to attack more targets. The second path allows for greater damage potential. The third path actually adds new basic abilities that can themselves be modified by the range and damage boosts of the first two paths.

The tree itself indicates a series of prerequisites. So, for instance, you may not purchase the Blast edge without having already purchased Extended Range and then Fork. However, you need not complete a particular path before purchasing something on another path. Again, the prioritization is what makes each character unique.

The Spark Wrangler Edge Tree is moderately complex. The other two Edge Trees have respectively lower and (much) higher complexity.