Teaser 10 - The Gunslinger

Although firearms are prevalent in 19th-century North America, there are a small number of individuals who make their living and their names through their skill with guns. These individuals are known by various titles, but the Profession they all share is Gunslinger. A Gunslinger might be hired to clean up the streets of the cities of the ACU, or to ride shotgun on a Wells Fargo coach or airship, or even to protect the saboteurs of the PTF as they assault a mine filled with automatons. The Gunslinger is the consummate mercenary, prizing skill and reputation over borders and countries.

From the book:

Gunslingers may be hired by anybody for many reasons, though it is highly unlikely they would be used to fight actual soldiers. They are far too expensive for that. Gunslingers come in all varieties of appearance and personality. Some are patient and cautious, some are wild and unpredictable. However, they all share a thirst for fame that separates them from common gunfighters.