Teaser 11 - The Steamhand

Keeping all of North America's steam-powered machinery in good working order requires a great deal of manpower. They are also the drivers of the vehicles they maintain, from railroad engines to steam carts. Steamhands are the skilled laborers that keep the mechanical age moving.

From the book:

Not long ago, these people who would have been blacksmiths. Now, a Steamhand is expected to focus on vehicles and weapons more than horseshoes and nails. Many work in factories, but a few build their steam-powered devices in smaller workshops. Steamhands must be very strong, as they work almost exclusively with iron. Whether hand-held or mounted on vehicles, steam weapons are the new heavy weapons of the mechanized age. Hand-held versions typically require a steam tank to be carried on one's back. For close combat, Steamhands tend to resort to fists or hammers, or the butt of whatever weapon they are carrying.