Teaser 15 - The Automaton

We realized very early on in the development process that by creating a society where mechanical people were nearly ubiquitous we were likely enticing players to play as those mechanical people. Of course we would have the Gearsmith profession, and this would enable players to control an automaton, but we were intentionally asking moral and philosophical questions about the personhood of these constructs. Certainly we had to allow players to explore those questions from within. And so we have the Automaton not merely as a companion to the Gearsmith, but as a full racial template for creating new characters.

When playing as an independent character, the Automaton still has a slightly more difficult time than humans purchasing edges and attributes when advancing, but the player character Automaton is not restricted by the Gearsmith's skill level to certain edges and attributes. In addition, a player character Automaton always has his own Wild Die, while a sidekick Automaton must share it with his Gearsmith. (Note that Automatons, as sexless creatures in Victorian society, are always referred to as male.)