Teaser 19 - The Battle of Portersville

Steamscapes: North America has three sample scenarios available for GMs and players to use to begin to explore the Steamscapes world. Two of them will be used as preview events at GenCon and a few local Chicago events this summer. (Keep watching our events page.) The third is written as a mass battle scenario, an abstract warfare system described in Savage Worlds Deluxe that allows for larger conflicts to be played through more quickly, while still allowing individual player characters to have a significant effect on the outcome. This scenario, "The Battle of Portersville," marks the first skirmish in what will become an ongoing conflict between the Plains Tribal Federation and the American Consolidated Union over control of the Illinois and Wisconsin territories. Here is the background as presented in the book:

The American Consolidated Union has begun to move troops towards its western border in preparation for an extended campaign to liberate Illinois and Wisconsin. However, the collection of Indian tribes now known as the Blackhawks have solidified their hold on the city of Chicago. Portersville, Indiana is the last railroad station still within friendly territory, and so Portersville station has been chosen as the staging ground for the American Army. [Historical Note: Portersville is the original name of the town now known as Valparaiso. In the Steamscapes history, the name of the town has not changed.]

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks have sent spies into Indiana and have caught wind of the troop movements. ACU cavalry have managed to capture a few scouting parties and have determined through interrogation that the Indians are preparing to attack Portersville station before the heavy artillery arrives on an upcoming freight. The ACU must defend the railhead or face further losses of territory.

The ACU defense is being led by Lieutenant Colonel George Custer, a decorated hero who nevertheless has numerous black marks on his record. He is a sometimes reckless and unreliable commanding officer, which is why he was stationed in rural Indiana. Unfortunately, the ACU now must rely on him until higher ranking officers can arrive. The ACU forces are approximaely 80% infantry and 20% cavalry. The infantry have set up defensive positions in and around the station itself.

The Blackhawks consist of three groups. The mounted braves, comprising approximately 60% of the forces, are led by Keokuk of the Meskwaki, part of the Black Hawk Federation. The scouts are led by Black Coyote of the Cheyenne, and comprise 35% of the Blackhawk forces. The last 5% is a small Saboteur contingent led by Black Coyote's wife, Buffalo Calf Road Woman.