Teaser 20 - The Duckfoot Volley Pistol

The Gunslinger typically carries several weapons at a time, and the types of guns in that arsenal vary fairly widely from 'Slinger to 'Slinger. One of the more unusual selections harkens back to an era of powder weapons and early attempts to solve the problem of threatening a large number of people at once. Volley pistols - and in particular the "duckfoot" variety - were created primarily for the purpose of crowd suppression, such as in the case of ship mutinies. They have never been very practical, but then some Gunslingers are more about the show than the practical effects. From the book:

Duckfoot Volley Pistol

Originally designed for boarding ships and threatening groups of people, this is a gun that only a few Gunslingers have in their arsenal and even fewer ever use. It consists of five barrels splayed out in a configuration that resembles a duck's foot, all of which fire simultaneously in a single volley. Accuracy is sacrificed in favor of sheer mayhem. When firing, choose up to five targets in a cone template. Designate one primary target that is resolved normally. All others may dodge out of the way as per the normal template rules, except that the shooter uses the normal shooting roll and does not receive +2. (See Savage Worlds Deluxe, p. 51) Treat a Duckfoot as a musket for the purposes of reloading. It can fire once every three rounds.