Teaser 22 - Goggles

Where would a steampunk setting be without goggles? Aside perhaps from gears, they are the most common genre signifier. We would have failed in our duty if we did not make them not only included but important. In Steamscapes, goggles are often an indication of one's profession or even social station. From the book:

In a world of steam-power and automation, goggles are an absolute must for anyone who works with either dangerous or intricate equipment. The particular variety of goggles that someone wears can say quite a lot about that individual's profession. For instance, leather goggles are frequently worn by Aviators, who often add telescopic lenses for aid in aeronautical navigation. Steamhands also favor leather goggles, but are recognizable by the smoked lenses they employ when working in a metal shop. Gearsmiths and Spark Wranglers favor brass goggles for their more delicate crafts, and often attach magnification lenses over one eye when working with the smallest parts. Some Spark Wranglers have even taken to attaching electrical lamps directly onto their goggles for work in darkened spaces.