Teaser 23 - The Steamthrower

Every time we have a demo, the person who plays the Steamhand seems to particularly enjoy our sample heavy weapon, the Steamthrower. Perhaps it's the cone template - the chance to target multiple enemies and force them to leap out of the way. For whatever reason, it is a weapon that always seems to satisfy. From the book:


Steamhands have a healthy respect for the dangers that steam poses in its normal use, so it must have been a particularly malicious individual who decided to turn the steam itself into a weapon. The weapon is fairly simple, little more than a hose nozzle attached to a steam tank. It is difficult to aim, but aiming is beside the point. It can be devastating to charging infantry, and typically panics even the most sturdy cavalry horse. The steamthrower does no useful damage against any kind of machinery, although it could reasonably be used to clean a road-worn automaton.

In game terms, the steamthrower works exactly like a flamethrower. (See Savage Worlds Deluxe, p. 51.) The lower damage is due to the fact that steam has a lower temperature than flame and dissipates more quickly. Also, there is no chance for affected targets to catch fire.