Page References for Explorer's Edition

When you are writing a setting for a core system, you always want to make sure you are referring to the most current edition of that system. Steamscapes: North America was written to be compatible with Savage Worlds Deluxe and makes several references to pages in that book. However, soon after we had finished production, the Explorer's Edition came out, a resized version with completely different page numbers. Luckily there were no major rule changes that would require errata on our part, but we do want to be thorough.


For all of the places in Steamscapes: North America (SS:NA) that refer to specific pages in Savage Worlds Deluxe, here are the Savage Worlds Deluxe, Explorer’s Edition (SWD:EE) page references:


  • SS:NA p. 23, reference to electrical powers – SWD:EE p. 122
  • SS:NA p. 25, reference to various weapons – SWD:EE p. 62-63
  • SS:NA p. 26 and 27, reference to cone template/flamethrower – SWD:EE p. 57
  • SS:NA p. 29, reference to item cost – SWD:EE p. 54
  • SS:NA p. 62, reference to wild cards – SWD:EE p. 70
  • SS:NA p. 75, reference to mass battle rules – SWD:EE p. 106-107