Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 1 - Stagecoach Mary Fields

In the upcoming Gunslinger's Guide, we are including a number of prominent historical examples of gunslingers from 1871 North America. In doing so, we hope to accomplish a number of things. We want to offer some examples of NPCs for gamemasters and players to use in their own campaigns, we want to give players who are choosing the Gunslinger profession a variety of choices as to how their character might interact with the Steamscapes world, and we want to invite readers to explore the real history surrounding some figures who are not well known but very much worth spotlighting.



Stagecoach Mary Fields is one such figure, a woman whose history is so amazing we feel we have to share it with everyone. Our interpretation of her in the Steamscapes year of 1871 can only approach a small portion of the legend that is Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman to work as a mail carrier in the United States. In real history, she lived until 1914 and many of the most impressive stories about her come from the latter years of her life. However, we wanted to convey some of that in our version, as well as suggesting that she will be around for quite some time in the Steamscapes setting. Here is an excerpt from her background in the Gunslinger's Guide:


Stagecoach Mary has secured her position as the top postal carrier in all of Columbia for both the speed and safety of her shipments. She defends her coach from bandits, animals, and weather with nothing but her own strength, determination, and of course weaponry. Twice a month she makes the 600-mile round trip from Seattle to Kamloops with no company but her shotgun, her .38, and her horses. And when she comes back she always has a new story to tell over a glass of whiskey and a homemade cigar.


We hope that many of you will rush immediately to Google to find out more about this fascinating woman. And watch here for more previews from the Gunslinger's Guide!