Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 3 - Choctaw Lighthorsemen

When we discuss Gunslingers and their professions, we must also discuss the places where they gather. Law enforcement organizations commonly collect Gunslingers from around the region. Many nations employ the most elite to police the widest jurisdictions with a federal mandate. In the Plains Tribal Federation, those Gunslingers comprise the Choctaw Lighthorsemen.

In considering law enforcement on the Plains, we looked for organizations and methods that would reflect a loose federation of tribes. While it is true that many tribes did historically recruit their own lighthorse units for similar purposes, we chose the Choctaw unit as the national police force for the PTF as a nod to their real-life significance. The Choctaw unit in particular was very eclectic and included many different tribes and even different races, and it therefore makes sense that many tribes in the PTF would feel relatively comfortable having such an organization as an unbiased federal law enforcement.

From the book:

Law enforcement in the Plains Tribal Federation is typically an intra-tribal matter. The terms of the Treaty of Lake Minnetonka require each tribe to police itself rigorously, and very seldom are there any issues that are not handled internally. On those rare occasions when greater authority is required, the Choctaw Lighthorsemen are called. They are the marshals of the PTF, riding the length of the nation to track down outlaws and spies. Despite their name and origin, the Lighthorsemen include members from many different tribes, though the most common are the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole. These tribes have an enduring relationship from long before they were forcibly removed from the southeastern parts of the continent during the Trail of Tears.

Usually, the Lighthorsemen respond to requests for action by the local chiefs. This may mean tracking down a fleeing criminal or removing an unwanted interloper. In the rare cases of disputes between tribes involving the actions of one or more individuals, the Lighthorsemen will remove the persons in question to await trial by grand council.