Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 5 - Bass Reeves

Now that you have seen the cover, you may have realized that the Steamscapes crew is particularly fond of Bass Reeves. If you haven't heard of this lawman (and probable source for the Lone Ranger stories) we heartily recommend you spend some time acquainting yourself with his accomplishments.

Also, the finest mustache in the west.

Because his real-life home of Oklahoma is very different in the Steamscapes world, our version of Bass Reeves is no longer a marshall of any specific country. Rather, we believe his talents would help him rise to prominence in a similar but more international manner. From the book:


Within a few years, abolition had become the law of the land for all of the surrounding nations, so Reeves was now free to travel. He kept his home in the Plains but began to hire himself out as a deputy to towns in Texas. His effectiveness with pistol and rifle as well as his cool but intimidating demeanor soon earned him fame as a lawman. He received an offer to track down the infamous outlaw Bob Dozier. Reeves traversed the length of the Confederation of Texas searching for Dozier, only to find that he had also crossed into the Plains and taken refuge among the Cherokee. With warrant in hand, Reeves demanded that the tribe hand Dozier over. They complied, but Dozier did not. He tried to shoot Reeves, but it turned out that Reeves was the faster draw. Reeves returned to Texas triumphant.

From that point on, Bass Reeves became one of the most contracted bounty hunters in North America. He has worked all across Texas, the Rocky Mountain Republic, and even the American Consolidated Union. Through it all, he has kept his home in the Plains largely secret, preferring instead to be always a visitor and never a citizen.