Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 6 - New Attributes

When considering the new rules for Gunsmithing, we realized we would have to come up with a host of new weapon attributes - essentially Edges for weapons - that would then be built into a particularly gun using a point-buy system. We will talk more about that system in a later teaser, but here is a small sampling of the approximately 3 dozen new attributes we are developing for the Gunslinger's Guide: 


Handy: Firing a gun while in close combat can be challenging, especially for a long-arm. To make a gun handy, the gunsmith must first shorten the barrel, and then take advantage of that shorter barrel by smoothing out the profile of the weapon, giving the target less to get a grip on when trying to block the shooter’s shot, and by shaping the grip for optimal flexibility in melee. EFFECT: Gain +1 to hit when firing in melee. If given to a shotgun, this will allow the shotgun to be fired in melee. Handy cannot be given to a rifle. In order for a gun to be Handy, it must have a shortened barrel (2 for pistols, 4 for shotguns).


Extra Barrel: It is possible to essentially make a single gun out of two separate guns, or even kinds of gun. The LeMat revolver/shotgun is perhaps the best known, but many gunsmiths build weapons that combine two different weapons. EFFECT: Add a second barrel to a gun. The new barrel needn’t be the same basic type of gun as the first, though it could be. Each barrel is then modified separately, paying the costs separately, and adding them all together to find the total cost of the modified gun. Any innate penalties of either barrel apply to the entire weapon, so for example a combo pistol/rifle cannot be used in melee combat, and a combo pistol/shotgun could only be used in melee if the shotgun barrel was improved with the ‘handy’ trait.


Brutal: A modification of the shape of the bullet and the grooves of the rifling can make the shot bounce badly within the body of the target.  If such a bounce happens near a vital organ, the damage can be significantly worse. EFFECT: Extra damage generated by a raise on the shooting roll is increased from d6 to d10. A gun cannot be both Brutal and Armor Piercing.


Lever Action or Pump: The lever action and the pump action are mechanisms that simultaneously eject a spent shell, load a new cartridge, and cock the hammer of a gun. This allows a much faster rate of fire. The lever action, often called a ‘volcanic’ gun, is more common on rifles (and some pistols), while the pump action is more popular on shotguns. Effect: Increase Rate of Fire to 2.