Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 7 - Plot Hooks

Famous Gunslingers are quite useful as both character examples and usable NPCs, but when it comes to designing a campaign and telling a story, GMs and players need information about events and locations within the game world. For this reason, the Gunslinger's Guide also includes a section detailing the various hot spots around North America, as well as advice on what sort of work a Gunslinger (and perhaps a Gunslinger's party) might seek.

Image Credit: US National Archives, American West collection

A short sample from the book:

Rocky Mountain Republic

More than any other nation on the continent, the Rocky Mountain Republic is beset by internal crime and conflict. The variety of races and nationalities and the highly independent and even isolationist attitudes common among much of the population combine to create tension between groups and individuals. Group conflict is more prevalent in the larger urban areas, while personal conflict often occurs between neighboring small mining claims out in the mountain wilds. Larger mining interests generally hire or supply their own security.

Factionalism as a form of self-preservation has given rise to numerous bandit gangs throughout the state of California. These gangs engage mostly in cattle rustling and highway robbery, so there is always work to be found protecting ranches and coaches. The RMR has instituted a fledgling federal marshal program, and the quality of that program will largely depend on the gunslingers and investigators it is able to hire.

The northern states, particularly Columbia and Yukon, are very sparsely populated. As such, there is very little work available. Most towns already have established sheriffs, and there are few industrial or economic assets to guard. Gunslingers who are skilled at driving a coach may be able to find work delivering mail to far-flung settlements. However, such runs are more likely to experience assaults by weather or animals than by bandits.