Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 9 - Gunsmithing Rules in Action

Rather than tease small portions of the gunsmithing rules, we would like to give an example of how they work in actual play. What follows is a summary of the point-based construction of a weapon familiar to everyone who plays Savage Worlds: The Colt Peacemaker. (Note that this is not an assumption of how the original Savage Worlds: Deluxe rules were balanced. It is a reconstruction of a known weapon using the new weapon customization rules.) There will be many steps that are explained in the Gunslinger's Guide itself, but you can see them hinted in how they play out here.

From the book:


Example of Construction

To see how this all works we show how one might use the rules to create what is perhaps the quintessential cowboy gun:

Colt Peacemaker

Starting from the Basic Pistol, we add:

Longer Barrel x2 (2 points) to bring the range up to 12/24/48

Deadly (4 points) to bring the damage up to 2d6+1

Revolver (5 points) which increases the number of shots to 5 and also gives the gun the property “revolver,” allowing it to be fanned, and allowing us to add more shots.

Ammo Supply x1 (1 point), increasing the cylinder from a 5-shooter to a 6-shooter.

Armor Piercing x1 (3 points) giving the gun AP.


Total: 15 build points. This is the cost for a gunslinger to make a custom gun with exactly the stats of a Colt Peacemaker from the Savage Worlds Deluxe Rules.* But Sam Colt (one of the most famous gunsmiths of all time) wanted to sell his gun to everyone, so he built it with interchangeable parts and made it easy to use. In game terms he added the Non-Custom improvement.

Non-Custom: The gun has 5 advantages over the basic gun, each one costing 1 extra point, cumulative, so 1+2+3+4+5 for another 15 points, or a total of 30. This suggests that Samuel Colt was a gunsmith of at least d10.


* The Colt Peacemaker was also called the Colt Army Single Action, but should not be confused with the 1860 Colt Army, which was a cap-and-ball gun rather than a metal cartridge gun, and which appears in Steamscapes: North America with essentially the same stats except without the Armor Piercing.