Get Ready for the Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter!

Save the Date

You've heard me talking about it, and now we're announcing the date. The Kickstarter for Steamscapes: Asia will launch on Sunday, September 28th. Here are a couple of useful things to know before launch:

  • Low-level rewards will include discounted copies of Steamscapes: North America and Steamscapes: Gunslinger's Guide, which is great if you don't have one of them yet and are willing to wait for the drive to finish. You can also use those amounts as add-ons to other levels if you want to pledge more but still pick up copies of either one.
  • If you just want to get the book, it will be $20 for digital or $40 for print and digital. Print versions will be full-color.
  • The book is not ready to go yet - this is a beginning-of-project Kickstarter rather than a finishing-line preorder. We are doing that mostly so that we can hire the best artists and the best writers we can, but also so that we can ask you questions about the kinds of things you would like to see in the book and in the line as a whole. However, we have done enough planning work already that we believe we can get it to you by the end of 2015. (Sooner in digital.)
  • Stretch goals will be focused on developing the line for the future. High-level rewards are focused on community involvement, but they also get better as stretch goals are met. If we do well and fund a bunch of extra supplemental books, backers at the higher levels will get those for free.
  • We are very excited about the folks we have gotten to write fiction for this book, and we think you will be too.

Hope you can join us!

-Fairman Rogers