Call for writers for Steamscapes: Asia!

UPDATE - All assignments have been filled, but this was a great experience! I hope to be able to do it again in the future.

Do you want to be an RPG writer?

Ching Shih wants YOU!


Our Kickstarter is over and work is underway on our upcoming project, Steamscapes: Asia. We already have a great team with an excellent mix of established and up-and-coming writers (I happily file myself in the second category for now), but because we are still relatively early in the process, we have an opportunity to invite more of you to join us! Now, when I say “you,” let me be very clear what I mean:


We are specifically inviting female and non-binary writers to apply.


I can and will happily produce this book with the team I have, and it will be awesome. But as a publisher, I am committed to promoting diversity in the tabletop RPG industry, and I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. This is not a need but an invitation. I am not excluding others from applying, but I am specifically reaching out to female and gender-queer writers.

We are looking for writers of fiction, setting background, or rules. If you love steampunk (especially realistic steampunk), history (especially Asian history), or just roleplaying games in general (especially Savage Worlds), we want to hear from you! And do not worry about whether we will think you are qualified. A resume full of relevant experience is one way to demonstrate good writing and a solid work ethic, but it is not the only way.

If we get more good writers than we can use for this book, we will do our best to hire you in the future. We will be releasing other Steamscapes supplements and we will have other lines that will be starting in the next year or two. If you can write well and you want in, we will make that happen.


Your voice is important! Join us and make it heard!


Contact me at fairman at steamscapes dot com for more information.