Teaser 22 - Goggles

Where would a steampunk setting be without goggles? Aside perhaps from gears, they are the most common genre signifier. We would have failed in our duty if we did not make them not only included but important. In Steamscapes, goggles are often an indication of one's profession or even social station. From the book:

Teaser 15 - The Automaton

We realized very early on in the development process that by creating a society where mechanical people were nearly ubiquitous we were likely enticing players to play as those mechanical people. Of course we would have the Gearsmith profession, and this would enable players to control an automaton, but we were intentionally asking moral and philosophical questions about the personhood of these constructs. Certainly we had to allow players to explore those questions from within. And so we have the Automaton not merely as a companion to the Gearsmith, but as a full racial template for creating new characters.

Teaser 13 - Gyroscopic Parallel Synchrometer

Travel is very prevalent in the Steamscapes world, and only a portion of it is done along the predictable paths of rails and roadways. Aviators and sailors alike are looking for the most advanced technology available for helping them navigate. This device combines all of the tools necessary for determining one's location anywhere on the Earth.

Teaser 7 - Clockwork Pigeon

Of course a proper steampunk world must be filled with gadgets and devices. Of all the uses that a semi-intelligent construct might have, the one we imagine would be most prevalent in Victorian society would be that of carrying messages. Getting information quickly from one place to another within a city was still a tedious business in the 1870s, so we introduce the clockwork pigeon. 

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