Healing Without Magic - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #3

As with many multi-genre systems, Savage Worlds has a very clear distinction between magical and non-magical healing. Magical healing is fast and powerful and can happen at any time. Non-magical healing is slow and difficult, unless you roll really well right after combat. In Steamscapes: Asia, we are introducing the Apothecary profession, approximately half of which is devoted to healing. But how do you make such a thing interesting and useful in a realistic setting without making it too powerful and "magical?"

Martial Arts With Real Variety - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #2

I will begin this week's teaser with a quote from Chapter 4 of Steamscapes: Asia -

Martial arts already exist in Savage Worlds. There are Edges and maneuvers that can model many of the things you might want to do as a fighter, and the concept of Trappings allows you to describe the effect in any way that might be appropriate to your character. The rules listed in this chapter are intended to supplement those existing systems to both expand the options available to the player and also to focus on developing individualized styles of combat.

I want to talk a little bit about what it means for fighting styles to be "individualized."

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 9 - Gunsmithing Rules in Action

Rather than tease small portions of the gunsmithing rules, we would like to give an example of how they work in actual play. What follows is a summary of the point-based construction of a weapon familiar to everyone who plays Savage Worlds: The Colt Peacemaker. (Note that this is not an assumption of how the original Savage Worlds: Deluxe rules were balanced. It is a reconstruction of a known weapon using the new weapon customization rules.) There will be many steps that are explained in the Gunslinger's Guide itself, but you can see them hinted in how they play out here.

Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 6 - New Attributes

When considering the new rules for Gunsmithing, we realized we would have to come up with a host of new weapon attributes - essentially Edges for weapons - that would then be built into a particularly gun using a point-buy system. We will talk more about that system in a later teaser, but here is a small sampling of the approximately 3 dozen new attributes we are developing for the Gunslinger's Guide: 

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