Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #3 - Automaton Options

 We've spent a fair amount of time discussing automatons in previous Steamscapes volumes. However, there is still quite a bit more to say, and the Gearsmith's Guide is the best place to say it. As much as this profession guide is an overview of how one becomes a gearsmith and what it's like to be a gearsmith in the world of Steamscapes, it is also a discussion of the history, mechanics, and philosophical quandaries of automatons.

Gearsmith's Guide Teaser #1 - Clockwork Prosthetics

Announcing our next book, the Gearsmith's Guide!

Just like the Gunslinger's Guide, this will be a PDF-only release that focuses on a single profession. It will offer new rules specific to gearsmiths, a new short story, and a pile of historical and world background to incorporate into your character development. The book will be posted on DriveThruRPG and Studio 2 before the end of July, just in time for Gen Con! (Ask me for a look at the whole thing if you catch me there.)

Cover Art - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #8

With just a little over a week to go, we are putting the finishing touches on the digital book. At the same time, we are beginning to prepare the materials that will begin the process for the hardcover print release (scheduled for January). One of the most important elements for both versions is the cover, and this week we are proud to present a rough preview of the wraparound cover featuring art by the incomparable James Ng:


Mapping Independence - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #5

Historians and gamers alike have a rich love of maps. The depth of visual information available in a good map cannot be overstated. It can fire our imaginations and quickly clarify hundreds of words of text. A map is both summary and starting point.

Inspiring Diversity with Sample Characters - Steamscapes: Asia Teaser #1

It is time! We are close enough to at least the digital release of Steamscapes: Asia that we can begin to preview some of what we have been doing. This teaser coincides both with our preparation for Gen Con and with the arrival of several key art pieces by the wonderful and talented Cami Woodruff. These pieces are being used for some of the sample characters in the chapter on game resources, so I thought I would take a moment to talk about how art and character design can go together to inspire roleplaying of diverse, non-stereotypical characters. (Note - all our sample characters were created as Seasoned, so if they sound a little extra powerful that's because they are.)



Gunslinger's Guide Teaser 4 - Cover Art

I sense that you might like some art at this point in the previews. So here is our current cover mockup. Some details may change, but it is close to final. Art by KMB Illustration, who did all the sample character art and fictional advertisements in Steamscapes: North America.

Teaser 25 - Clean Cover Art

This week, we are wrapping up our 6 months of teasers for Steamscapes: North America. Gen Con is in just over two weeks, and we hope to see many of you there. Keep an eye here for more information, including the serially-released plot point campaign! Expect the first episode sometime in September. If you want to talk about Steamscapes or keep up with all Steamscapes related news, be sure to like us on Facebook. In the meantime, enjoy an unedited version of our cover art by Sarah Benkin.

See you at Gen Con!


Teaser 22 - Goggles

Where would a steampunk setting be without goggles? Aside perhaps from gears, they are the most common genre signifier. We would have failed in our duty if we did not make them not only included but important. In Steamscapes, goggles are often an indication of one's profession or even social station. From the book:

Teaser 15 - The Automaton

We realized very early on in the development process that by creating a society where mechanical people were nearly ubiquitous we were likely enticing players to play as those mechanical people. Of course we would have the Gearsmith profession, and this would enable players to control an automaton, but we were intentionally asking moral and philosophical questions about the personhood of these constructs. Certainly we had to allow players to explore those questions from within. And so we have the Automaton not merely as a companion to the Gearsmith, but as a full racial template for creating new characters.

Teaser 13 - Gyroscopic Parallel Synchrometer

Travel is very prevalent in the Steamscapes world, and only a portion of it is done along the predictable paths of rails and roadways. Aviators and sailors alike are looking for the most advanced technology available for helping them navigate. This device combines all of the tools necessary for determining one's location anywhere on the Earth.


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