Teaser 3 - Weapon Traits

Steamscapes introduces a number of new mechanics for weapons. Some of these are specific to professions - Gunslingers, for example, often use heavily customized weapons that require constant maintenance and preparation to prevent their failure on the battlefield. Some of them are more generic and may apply to more common weapons. As you can see, however, these traits may prevent such weapons from being used too commonly.

Teaser 2 - Map of North America

Our second teaser gives a sense of how the Steamscapes alternative history has reshaped the continent of North America. Our historical background focuses on four primary nations, with some small space given to the other nations and territories. This map was created by Robert Altbauer of fantasy-map.net.

Teaser 1 - The Gearsmith

Our first teaser presents a profession that is iconic to the Steamscapes world: The Gearsmith. From the book:

Gearsmiths are the programmers of the mechanical revolution. They are responsible for all devices that require delicate and complicated clockwork, including automatons. Master Gearsmiths always have their own personal workshops, though some workshops can be fairly large with multiple apprentices.