You might have noticed that the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter is going fairly well. If you haven’t noticed, you should head there right now!

And you may have also noticed that they have been announcing “JumpStarts” by the various Aces, which is the new name for Official Savage Worlds Licensees.

Since we are also one of those, we’ll be doing a JumpStart as well.

The JumpStarts are intended to do several things:

  • Introduce people to our setting
  • Give a taste of how we’re updating for Adventure Edition
  • Provide something to play

With those things in mind, here’s what we’re planning to include in our Jumpstart:

  • Updated Automaton racial template
  • Updated Spark Wrangler powers
  • Updated versions of the seven pre-gens from Steamscapes: North America
  • “Rivalry, Chapter 1” – reworked and rewritten with the new edition in mind

The first chapter of Rivalry originally appeared in North America, but has never been released as a solo product. The remaining chapters are all on DriveThruRPG as free downloads already, so this will allow new players to play through the whole story for free!

We’re thrilled to see so much support for Savage Worlds, and we hope that new players enjoy our JumpStart!

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